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By Christopher Schons, 2023, owned by Luck of Legends


In each class, a group of six kids aged 7-13 will take on the role of heroes on a fantastic adventure!  By telling their own stories online through an engaging, creative game, they’ll meet academic standards for presentation, writing, and media use, improving their story-telling, critical thinking, improv skills and teamwork.  Classes run for two hours each - see below for open spots!

"My daughter absolutely enjoyed this camp! Michael is a fun, caring, and energetic teacher. His classes are super creative and engaging. I am so glad to see my shy girl found her kind of people in this class and became more confident. We have already signed her up for the second session."

D. Wang

"My 10 y old son loved this camp. By the third day he said to cancel all other camps and sign him up for the rest of the summer playing Luck of Legends. After each session my son always had exciting stories to tell us. He said Michael is kind and enthusiastic."

S. Cornell

Our son Max loved the camp. He participated in the camp for two weeks and was very eager to continue! Michael is extremely engaging and has a wonderful ability to manage different ages and keep them fully engaged and during the entire two hours.  His story telling abilities and simply wonderful and you can see how the children's imagination is set on fire during the camp. Homework is not tedious at all. It gives the kids an opportunity to add to the story and to develop their characters.  Max is already asking us to sign up for the next camp with Michael! Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job and for giving the children an opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical world of story telling!

Z. Von Bormann

My 7 year old LOVED LOVED LOVED this class! By the 2nd day he was already asking to sign up for another session. His current session ended and he's so excited for the next one.

His school teacher has said the only thing he needs to work on is his writing, and he gets lots of writing practice in this class. The most important part is he's voluntarily writing. If he's told, "you have to write a paragraph/essay/answer" he will push back and not want to write at all but he will write a lot on his own; letters, raps, stories, etc. When he's told to write, especially if it's for a reason that doesn't make sense to him, he puts up a fight.

But if, like in this class, it's something he's interested in and he has a say in its creation, even working collaboratively with other kids, he will write and write and write.

The instructor, Michael, clearly loves teaching and working with kids. The class is well structured, he runs it very well and really seems like a perfect person for this.
I'm so happy we found this class!

R. Migliore

"The most fun you'll ever have playing role-play. You get to make your own character, right down secrets and lore, and just have the best time with other kids while you play! Thanks Michael!"

H. Klotz

"I can't say enough positive things about Michael and the classes he weaves around each unique story and group of kids.  My daughter (age 11) could not wait for each class to begin, and following each class she could not wait to contribute to the story for the next class.  I also appreciate how skillfully Michael works to allow each child to express themselves and exploit their strengths, and yet still manages to work on some of the opportunity areas of ELA.  My child will definitely be signing up for more courses."

L. Peterson

"Thank you for running such an engaging program. We've steeped our son in fantasy books and games and, despite his desire to get into roleplaying, we really haven't been able to follow through on putting together a campaign. He was giddy listening to the Stories Podcast crew play through the Starsworn material so your program seemed like a no-brainer. Right from the beginning he was wrapped up in your world and was taking all his free time the past week to hone his story and characters. As testament to how much he enjoyed it, most of his Christmas gifts went untouched while he was busy writing. It was delightful hearing about his characters and the adventures he was having during dinner time, and any other time for that matter. Even though we weren't doing this explicitly for school credit, your feedback is more detailed than most of the reports I get from his own school, so that is very much appreciated. You've given him a great jumping off point and a confidence to put a game world together; we're already working on our own characters now. Thank you and keep up the great work. While it may not be until another school break, we'll definitely be back."

M. Czepiel

"This camp was amazing. My kid was totally engaged, shouting his lines, and plotting all night and the next morning what to do next. He asked me how to spell words so he could update his pet in the story and his ship in the story, and spent real time thinking about and articulating his thoughts. If only homework was this easy. LOL. I strongly recommend this camp for anyone who has a creative kid that needs a bit of focus. I was a bit sad I couldn’t participate in this kind of adventure myself.  I especially like the emphasis toward creative problem solving that didn’t involve laser swords and blasters. There’s a time for laser swords and blasters, but my kid doesn’t get to exercise other ‘muscles.’"

M. Poplar

"Michael is very enthusiastic and kind when talking with kids. The curriculum is carefully designed and very engaging. You can tell the kids really enjoying participating in the story since they are very actively discussing things and having a lot of laughter. My son told me that he wants to do this camp all summer long."

B. He

From Marlowe, age 12: "It was fun! We got to create our own characters and companion animals from scratch. There were templates to help. We did our own backstory and got to customize everything about it. The teacher was fun and nice. He made the story really interesting and put up lots of challenges for us and helped us through problems. It was fun to work together to solve problems."

M. Madden

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