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Luna Uni - the classroom-ready RPG coming in July!

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Make writing a collaborative joy

Luna Uni is a game in three parts. One is an illustrated PDF of a game in which super-science students in the near future explore an expanding and mysterious universe. Writing is how characters grow and gain abilities, including lore seeds, scenarios, a story arc, rules, and digital tools to help in composing collaborative novels. 


The second is a digital slides toolkit designed as a shared space for writing play - a place to illustrate, reference rules, plan characters and scenes, and share the world of the game as you build it.


The third is a teacher's guide that explains how to use the approach to help students master writing, including pacing guides, assessment strategies, content standards alignment, and everything needed to put play into practice to transform writing from a chore to a joyous collaboration.  Developed with classroom teachers who are currently working with the author to fine-tune the approach, there will also be extension suggestions for ways to incorporate other subjects - primarily the biological sciences, math, and social sciences.


Fund the game and tools it provides for you and your friends, or if you're an educator (or plan to become one!), fund the full classroom toolkit!

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